Who Owns the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas?

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If you’ve ever wondered who owns the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, then you’re not alone. There’s a lot of speculation about who owns the luxury property, but what is the truth? The owner is none other than Donald J. Trump, an American businessman, politician, and media personality who served as president from 2017 to 2021. The Trump brand is a part of the Vici properties portfolio.

Vici Properties

The pending sale of the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, will boost the value of the company and provide investors with the opportunity to purchase the property for a record high price. The casino-hotel owner will have the opportunity to increase its rent base while preserving its name. In addition, the acquisition will give Vici first rights to acquire properties owned by the Caesars Entertainment Corporation, which has been rumored to sell one of its casinos to a third party.

Vici’s hefty expansion plans will likely include the purchase of more casinos and hotels along the Las Vegas Strip. After the MGM Growth takeover, the company will expand its portfolio to include 45 casino properties in 15 states. This growth will be driven in part by its focus on the Strip, where its casinos have become a focal point of the Las Vegas business. But what’s most exciting about this deal is that Vici will not be the only casino owner in town.

Vici Hotels & Casino Resorts

The casino company has been steadily increasing its real estate values despite the recent recession. The Trump Hotel is among its most recognizable properties, so it’s easy to see why investors like it. Besides the Trump Hotel, VICI also owns three golf courses – Cascata outside Boulder City and Rio Secco in Henderson – and three other properties. In addition to its casino holdings, the company also finances three non-gaming ventures. The Trump Hotel in Las Vegas is among them.

As of last year, VICI owned 10 Las Vegas Strip properties, which total almost 41,000 rooms, 1.2 million square feet of casino space and 5.9 million square feet of convention and meeting space. The company is a landlord, rather than an operator, so it doesn’t experience the volatile revenue situation that Caesars faces. Its income is secure, and the company has locked-in rates from tenants. The deal is expected to close in early 2019.

Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts

Donald “The Donald” Trump is known for his business savvy, but his recent decision to close his hotel in Las Vegas may come as a surprise to many. The Nevada Gaming Control Board doesn’t award licenses to those with bad moral character or a criminal past. The Nevada Gaming Control Board doesn’t even consider an excuse like a tax audit as it ferrets out criminals.

The interiors of the Trump International Hotel are exquisite, featuring marble floors, glistening crystal chandeliers, oversized curtains, and gilded accents. The name Trump is visible everywhere, from the etched logo on the bottom of the swimming pool to the branded toiletries. The hotel also offers a selection of Trump merchandise, from chocolate bars to hats.

Sheldon Adelson

While Donald Trump has publicly supported marijuana legalization, Sheldon Adelson is not so thrilled with the idea. Adelson has poured millions of dollars into his fight against legal marijuana in Nevada and Arizona. In the early 2000s, his Las Vegas Sands company surpassed Trump’s casino operations. He also invested in Atlantic City, and he won the monopoly gambling license in Macau. Today, his Macau properties generate more than half of his Las Vegas Sands revenues.

Sheldon Adelson has also donated millions to Republican causes, including the 2020 U.S. election. In addition, he has donated to conservative causes, including the Center for Responsive Politics, and he has a strong personal connection to the Israeli government. His connection to Israel is lifelong, and he once told a reporter that he wished he’d served in the Israeli military.

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